Worship Leader - A Free, Virtual Songbook

Worship Leader
A Free, Virtual Songbook

Worship Leader gives you free access to Christian songs in many languages on your phone, tablet, or computer; online or without an internet connection.

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Worship Leader focuses mainly on minority languages and is not aimed at English language users. Some examples of languages currently available in the app:

  • Turkish: over 1600 songs and 1200 MP3s, many of which have original English words linked - includes Tanrı'yı Yüceltelim and Tanrı'nın Çocuklarıyız song books. Interactive sheet music for over 200 songs.
  • Mongolian: 850 hymns and songs, 50 MP3s - includes Магтаалын дуу song books
  • Inner (traditional) Mongolian: 100 songs and some MP3s
  • English: List of all songs that have been translated into other languages, and including all 300 Open Hymnal songs' interactive sheet music and audio.
  • Hakha Chin (Burma): Over 500 songs
  • Hausa (Nigeria, Chad): Over 650 songs and 450 MP3s
  • Kazakh: Over 500 songs, 300 MP3s in both Cyrillic and Arabic scripts - includes Рухани Әндер Жинағы
  • Uyghur: Over 250 songs and 200 MP3s in both Cyrillic and Arabic scripts - Includes Муһәббәт җамаити, Ибадәт нахшилири and РӘБНИ МӘДҺИЙЛӘНЛАР
  • Uzbek: Over 500 songs and 350 MP3s
  • Tajik: Over 350 songs and 350 MP3s
  • Russian: Over 200 songs and 60 MP3s
  • Turkmen: Over 200 songs and MP3s
  • Central Asian Russian (for Muslim-background believers): Over 80 songs and MP3s
  • Russian: Over 200 songs and 50 MP3s
  • Kyrgyz: Over 400 songs
  • Kurdish (Kurmanji)
  • Karakalpak: 30 songs and MP3s


App features

  • Turkish, English, Kazakh (Cyrillic and Arabic), Mongolian, Uyghur (Arabic) and Russian user interface languages
  • Search by song number, title or phrase
  • Advanced filters searching for song - only those with chords, mp3s, sheet music, translations, or search by tag for specific themes eg related to Christmas or Kids worship
  • See translations of songs
  • View sheet music offline in the app or download it for over 800 songs. Transpose the sheet music automatically.
  • View and transpose chords for songs
  • Over 4500 MP3's available to download, once downloaded it will cache them so you can play them without an internet connection.
  • Create sets of songs you want for a particular worship event, share them with your fellow musicians
  • Easily share individual songs via email, whatsapp, facebook etc
  • Projection mode for easy projection onto a screen
  • Available for many different platforms
  • Automatically generated OpenSong format song databases for easy projection

Please contact us for access to the central database allowing you to upload your own songs and update others.


Whilst we try our hardest to ensure that all lyrics and recordings are either public domain or licensed for our use we may occasionally make mistakes in the vetting process. If you believe that we have made a mistake regarding the legal availability of any song lyrics or recordings, please contact us at info@worshipleaderapp.com.