Advanced Features for Language Owners

The following describes details of advanced functionality available for people who volunteer to collate and edit the song database for their target language group. Please get in touch to request this access specifying which language group you would like to add or have access to.

Please note that we do not aim to support copyright-restricted language (such as English) in this app. We may include the original content of songs which have been translated as a reference, but the primary aim is to serve languages where there are not active copyright restrictions, or the copyright holder/author has granted rights to open and free distribution of the music.

Reports on Worship Music

Once many people in a country are using the app, we can use the anonymized data collected from the app to work out which songs are the most popular, and what are the next steps of developing local worship in the country. See this example of such a report from Turkey.

  Language Ownership

Typically we will appoint one person to oversee the editing of a particular language and decide on standard formatting, title casing and criteria for accepting or modifying songs (eg does spelling need to be checked strictly, are there even fixed spelling rules for your language). We understand that each language context is different so don't try to manage the overall content in the system in a top-down manner but ensure that people collating each language can make their own decisions on these matters.

  Bulk Import Services

If you have an existing collection of songs for your language which are not already in the app, please get in touch with us to see whether we can do an initial bulk import of these into the app. Lyrics and note sheets can be easily imported, often importing lyrics and chords together is more difficult due to font spacing issues. PDF format files cannot usually be imported, the ideal format is an existing structured database (eg Opensong or SQLite), plain text or Word (.doc, .docx, .odt formats etc).

  Translate the User Interface

Speak to us to request permission in the song editor to translate both the app, song tags and also the editor user interface into different languages. Currently we have done this for English, Turkish, Kazakh and Russian but it is easy for anyone to add more translations.

  Songbook Creation

Within the songbook editor program there is functionality to drag and drop songs into a songbook, and then produce print-ready multiple editions of the songbook with configurable options:

  • Indexes (including option to produce indexes of title of translated songs in other languages)
  • Chords edition
  • Produce a song book, sheet of songs, A4 single page large print for musicians, etc
  • Same numbering scheme in all books

Here are examples of the same Turkish song book in two different editions:

  Automatic Youtube Conversion and Upload

We have created a tool that can automatically upload selected MP3s to YouTube in video format, optionally with subtitles, so that believers can use this to worship wherever they are.

Visit the example youtube channel for the Turkish language which includes:

  • A number of automatically generated subtitled videos
  • Automatically generated per-album playlists
  • A general (automatically created) playlist of all known Turkish worship music on YouTube

Contact us for more details about how to set this up for your language once you have started using the editor.

  Additional Ministries

Outside of the Worship Leader app, please get in touch if you are interested in taking advantage of any of the other minority Christian Language services listed below;