Here are answers to some questions we get asked frequently. Feel free to ask a question that is not answered here via our contact form.

How can I add or change a song in Worship Leader?

To add a new song, simply go to any song in the app via this link and in the bottom right corner there are a number of buttons. To make a correction click 'Correct song', to add a new song click on the button reading 'Submit new song' and please include a note about the language and your email address so we can get in touch if there are any issues. 

If you can send songs in opensong format as described here that will be preferred as it includes information about the different parts of the song such as chorus and bridges. If not then please send in tab format with the chords in each line above the lyrics.

Please note when pasting from a program such as Word that the alignment of the lyrics and chords may need correcting. This is because most song sheets in Word are created using variable-width fonts which render differently between different applications, operating systems and font families. However for the app import we need to use a fixed-width font in order to make chord sheets render correctly across all platforms.

How can I add a recording or sheet music to an existing song in Worship Leader?

Please get in touch with us. If you just want to add a recording or sheet music to a particular song please send it over to info@worshipleaderapp.com. If you have a many recordings or sheet music please contact us about getting access to the editor so you can directly add them to the songs.

Please provide MP3s in the best bitrate possible - ideally 256kbps.

Please provide sheet music in both the original format of the program you used to write it in (eg Sibelius), and also as a MusicXML export and PDF. This way we can provide it directly in the app with offline and transpose functionality as well as PDF downloads.

How can I download MP3s and other files?

This depends which platform you are using the app from:

  • In Android the files are stored in your phone's download folder and should automatically be added to your media player. You will need to download a file browser app in order to access the original file. Additionally after the song has been downloaded it is remembered by the app and the download button changes colour. Whenever you play the song from the app after this it will use the downloaded version which means you can download songs to play offline via the app.
  • Unfortunately, because of the security settings on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad etc) any downloaded files can only be accessed from within the Worship Leader app. This means that you can download the file and play it offline from within the app (when it has been downloaded the download button will change colour) but we are not able to add it to your phones' music collection.
  • From the web version, there is a download button next to each of the music players on a song. Simply click on the button and the MP3 will download to your computer.
  • The same happens on the Chrome extension. Additionally after the song has been downloaded it is remembered by the extension and the download button changes colour. Whenever you play the song from the extension after this it will use the downloaded version which means you can download songs to play offline within the app.

How can I add a new language in to Worship Leader?

We love adding songs from new languages to Worship Leader and presently have around 30 languages with significant collections of songs. When first adding a new language it would be useful if you can send a collection of songs (ideally in opensong format, or as a word document - PDF is not very good) as we should be able to do a bulk import of them programatically. After any initial imports we will give you access to the editor in order to add and update songs in your language and create notes about authorship and which songs there were translated from. Additionally we can give access to translate the User Interface language of the app itself (currently we have 6 User Interface languages - English, Russian, Kazakh, Turkish etc). If you have a language that you would like to see added and you have a collection of songs to add, please get in touch with us through this site.

Whilst many countries in the world have copyright laws, in many places they are not enforced for Christian songs either because the church in that country is too small for it to be worth-while, or because Christian songwriters are happy for their songs to be freely available. Rather than spend our limited time and money trying to work with artists and agencies in stricter copyright countries, we want to bless believers in countries and languages with fewer Christians or where Christian songs are generally considered freely available. For this reason we don't display lyrics or MP3s of copyrighted songs in English and some other languages.

We want to respect copyright in those countries where it is strictly enforced, and for this reason if there are any songs where you own the copyright and you believe they have been included in the app without your permission, please contact us.

What organisations are you affiliated with?

As explained in this article about the history of the Worship Leader app, this project was begun in response to a problem we saw in our context in the Middle East. Whilst the core team focused on app development is very small, there is a growing team around the world of people providing and curating the content for various languages. We want to be as open and inclusive as possible to any mainstream Christian beliefs and organisations and have many songs on the app coming from different Protestant denominational contexts - Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Charismatic as well as Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity.